The excellent technological efforts of MEBREX were promoted by the following partners

UiG - From the idea to the entrepreneur

The abbreviation »UiG« stands for »Implementation of innovative start-up projects« and is a special KWF program for technology-oriented and knowledge-based start-up projects with economic success prospects. The nine-month program is based on IWB / EFRE funding and gives innovative, technology-oriented start-up projects the necessary boost.

 The applicant for funding is a university, a university of applied sciences or a non-university research institution that submits to the KWF for people aiming to set up (founders) inside and outside of these organizations. The people who want to find a start up then have a contractual relationship with the funding applicant during the project implementation period and are also supported by  „build! Gründerzentrum Kärnten GmbH“ accompanies you in your start-up project.

The focus is on the process of developing a business idea into a complete business plan, the associated development of marketable products and services as well as the targeted preparation of a company. The great advantage of this is that the potential founder can safely determine whether the idea really has potential, or whether you are suitable as a person to become an entrepreneur. There is also the option of pulling the rip cord in the early stages if the market or technological test turns out negative.


This KWF program, which takes the form of an annual call for tenders, was supported with ERDF funds as part of measure M08 "Support for knowledge-intensive start-ups" of the ERDF program "Investments in growth and employment 2014-2020".


The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the central organization for the promotion and financing of research, development and innovation in Austria. The aim of the FFG is to strengthen Austria as a research and innovation location in global competition and thus to secure high-quality jobs and prosperity in Austria over the long term.

Funding from the FFG makes a significant contribution to generating new knowledge, developing new products and services and thus being more competitive on the world market. They facilitate or enable the financing of research and innovation projects and thus help to cushion the research risk. The FFG supports international networking and promotes scientific careers.

KWF - TD|IKT|EBS Carinthia

Technologies are the drivers of our lives - professionally and privately. Understanding and helping to shape them is essential for our future in Carinthia. It takes innovative companies from all sectors who want to actively shape their future and competitiveness. They develop innovative, technology-oriented solutions that also support the Carinthian population in making their lives more flexible, sustainable and better.

The continuous call for tenders »TD | IKT | EBS Kärnten« contributes to the development of companies in the direction of systematic research and development and fulfills the smart specialization goals of the KWF Strategy 2030 to strengthen the technological focus areas »information and communication technologies«, » sustainable process, product and production technologies "as well as" knowledge-intensive services ".

The available budgetary funds support SMEs in their first concrete projects in the field of research and development (R&D) (in accordance with EU competition law3) and are intended on the one hand to develop sustainable R&D expertise and structures for the long-term implementation of R&D activities in companies and on the other hand As a result, enable innovative and sustainable process, product and production technologies in key technologies at the Carinthian location.

A scientific cooperation and the promotion of the project can support companies effectively.

Due to the professional careers of the owners, the question of electromobility came to the fore at a time when this topic was not yet of great importance.

It was quickly recognized that purely electrically powered vehicles offer advantages in terms of all possible perspectives, but cannot cover the full requirements in everyday operation.

As a companion of a development for the hybridization of an electric vehicle and through the resulting friendship between Hans-Jürgen Schacht and Christian Schlatte, the path towards MEBREX electric solutions GmbH was unconsciously initiated.

MEBREX electric solutions GmbH would like to make a lasting contribution to improving the climate with its solutions.